12.5 Trillion – That’s not so bad is it

So US Debt is roughly $12.5 Trillion dollars. I don’t believe any man or woman can even fathom that number. I heard it reported that if every one living on Earth contributed $19,000 we would be scottfree. So come on people. Let’s just send it in and be done with it.

Okay, I’ll admit that isn’t very fair. However, the ideas of redistribution aren’t very fair either. It is becoming a revenue problem, but tax receipts really haven’t been the problem. Rampant greed, lobbyists thinking of themselves, politicians just looking for the next election, leaders with no spine (on both sides of the aisle), etc. have created a much bigger mess and literally thrust the world into an economic quagmire that could not be imagined.

QE1, QEII, TARP, cars for clunkers (remember that), $8000 home credits, etc. None of it has worked. Why not? You can’t just keep throwing more debt at a debt problem. Just as I have to mind my checking account so every city, county, state, and nation. And greed is just not in the US. Look at Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and even China. Yes, the US has a serious problem, but some of these other countries need to pull the plank out of their eyes.

Okay, back to home. First, I would be willing to concede taxes are necessary if some Democrats would find some spine and realize that many social programs are just not sustainable. Second, get rid of the lobbyists. Put those people to work solving some serious issues rather than spending millions on their pet projects. Next, our leaders need to look at their benefits. Why should someone collect retirement for a 4-year stint serving our country in politics. Why should they get free medical, free cars, free housing, etc? Give them a salary like 99% of the rest of the US and make them figure out their own budget and what they will spend money on.

Crack down on special tax favors for people that have no need of them. Go after the Wall St. criminals. Prosecute them and put them in jail. Let the whole world know that greed doesn’t pay.

No more free lunches. If you are collecting unemployment you need to be required to work for that money. We have national forests and treasures falling apart. Put these people to work there. Once they find a real job, fill the position again with someone collecting unemployment. Make the required community service hours a graduated scale. Make it increase the longer they are getting benefits. And at some point, it just has to stop.

Shrink the national government. Move 99% of the social programs to the state and let the states decide which ones they want to keep and fund. Let our government do what it is suppose to. Deal with interstate commerce and secure our borders.

Just stop the madness, please. Grow up and start behaving like reasonable, compassionate adults. I know it is a tall order, but that is what we elected you to do.

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